Advancing Health Equity

There are significant health disparities facing members of Minnesota’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. Our goal is health equity for the LGBTQ community.

Find out how we’re doing it.

  • 12%

    12% of LGBTQ people in MN are uninsured, compared to 4.9% overall.
    (RHI Voices of Health, 2014)

  • 15%

    15% of Transgender individuals report discrimination in a health care setting in the last 12 months.
    (RHI Voices of Health, 2014)

  • 60%

    60% of Bisexual individuals report not being out to their doctor.
    (RHI Voices of Health 2014)

Our impact goals:

• Promoting essential resources to improve community health
• Expanding access to and availability of culturally competent care
• Improving the health of LGBTQ communities
• Ensuring that LGBTQ health is part of the public dialogue 

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NATIONAL Voices of Health Survey


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